Save the Date: See You there!!!

Save the Date: See You there!!!
Save the Date: See You there!!!

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It's not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.
~Joyce Maynard


Monday, March 10, 2014

Breaking the Social Media Curse for better Parenting

"Mommy, can we go paint now?"
"Sure honey, right after I finish...ummm something"
*scrolls along Facebook timeline, then checks in on Instagram Pics*

"Mommy, can we paint now"?
"Coming honey" but let me get in that tweet first 'Going to paint a beautiful picture with my boobsie' * but continues social Media-ing

Many hours later, the picture doesn't get painted and you have thoroughly destroyed a little heart. LET. THAT. SINK. IN.

Does the above scenario sound even remotely familiar? It kinda makes you terribly sad right? Like what horrible parent gives up super precious and super awesome seconds with their kid to go check out Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest  and countless others? HAS. THAT. SUNK. IN?

I write this and my heart weeps, because without meaning to, at some point or the other, I have been THAT parent and shamefacedly so. Yet I am not alone and as you read this, you are probably nodding in agreement.  In fact this very detailed article When Smartphone Is Near, Parenting May Falter outlines some worrying trends. Yet there is hope and the first step is identifying the error and correcting it before it is too late.

It is also particularly hypocritical if you may, that in  a world where kids are constantly being chided for online addictions  that many overlook the growing cadre of 20 something, 30 something, early 40 something batch of parents who are clearly addicted to Social Media and the many gadgets that make these networks so accessible.

Inadvertently, In a world where Social media has become intertwined with just about everything we do, it is understandably used as a medium to keep up with the ins and outs of what happens with our friends, associates and people who we really shouldn't even be keeping up with. BUT it does become a major problem when time spent interacting with Social Media has the REAL potential to damage personal relationships with the same ones we tend to love sharing those selfies, Facebook updates or tweets about.

So how about we try to break this curse through less action on our timelines and more actions on our lifelines

1. Ensure your children are safe AT ALL TIMES-Tweeting/Facebook-ing across a busy roadway has very obvious risks. This applies for every environment where your child is. You cannot be fully alert and aware with your head burrowed on your phone or tablet. Make a smart choice Your favourite little magnet over your favourite little gadget.

2. See the world through their eyes: Did you miss that bird doing an awesome  nose dive then soaring back up because you were too busy trying to take a selfie? Or did you just about miss that part of the movie that had your toddler in stitches because you had to reply to that tweet? Come on, lets share IN the moment.

3. Let your kids know you are always there to enjoy everything with them: Has your child stopped asking you to play a game, read a story, shared something that happened at school today? maybe you were always so busy staring at your phone screen and nodding all the times when they tried before. Indeed, Kids are excellent with picking up on actions and if you are inattentive, they will know.

4. Play with your kids: Not watch them play, but play WITH them. Sure you want to be a frame by frame amateur photo or videographer but one snap later, just let the phone and all its distractions be and enjoy the moment with your kid.

5. Plan 'no Social Media allowed' family activities- Sure you may have to take an occasional important call and you are a very busy mum, but the major premise is that you will use the time to really interact with your kid-Find out some more about what they know, what they want to know, their likes and dislikes and you'd be surprised at how interesting they really are.

6. Always Remember Time is of the Essence: Sure Social Media updates roll in by the seconds but is it really worth missing what could be the most precious moments of your child's life to scroll along your Instagram Feed?

7. Set aside Social Media Time: In the end, we are social beings and if you have honestly made the effort with steps 1-6 above, you deserve some ME Time, so get the kids in bed or if they have a 30 minute TV time, you can take a Social Media break. be mindful though, set time limits and stick with it.

Do we have a "Let's fix this Challenge?" Let's do it together for better parenting in the Social Media age. Sure we like our little indulgences, but there are way too many dual way rewards when we invest in quality time with our kids.

Indeed, that status update can be far more meaningful when you share what your child had to say about the greatest time ever when you were running loops around each other at the park or that one time when you made the best card ever or even when their silly mommy made the silliest face ever.

So Let's make it a  start: Every time you are tempted to pick up that device and scroll, post or reply, ask yourself how will the time invested here affect the time I am not investing there.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY Mama: Homemade Ice cream, Birthday Princess and then some

Happy Ash Wednesday mamas!! This blog post is as 'spur of the moment' as it gets. I have truly missed my blog and with a wee bit of ME time, it got me thinking #BlogMode and since my little missy celebrated her 5th this February, I've been itching to share some DIY projects I activated for her birthday. This coupled with a friend's Facebook post on homemade Ice Cream, countless Pinterest links (Follow us) and Mother's day on the horizon, a DIY post is perfect (I think).

So let's start off with today's little project #HomemadeIceCream (Cherry Vanilla to boot). Thanks to my dear Samantha on Facebook who shared the ziplock method from surprise surprise her son's Science book, I went digging and found These 3 Recipes (Visuals below) also these 5 with very clear steps and made myself a test batch and boy am I happy!!! It tasted just like cherry vanilla Ice cream, was super yummy and I tried to cut calories by using no sugar or added syrup. 

Here are my tips from this super sweet experiment: Add more salt if needed, it makes the cream form faster; NEVER let the salt and Ice mixture get in contact with your ice cream ingredients and shake longer than the recommended time for a creamier batch. I also used only the very basic ingredients i.e. milk in the flavour I wanted, vanilla, the ice cubes, regular old salt and the 2 bags.

sooo come on mamas, this is easy peezy and you can amaze your kids with this treat *sings* started from liquid now we're here....

**Disclaimer** Apart from the liquid pic, the others are from someplace in webville...In my defence, I tried the double bowl method first, then had to add more salt to do the double bag method. I got way too excited when I saw that it actually worked and slurped it all up in a rush so the web pics will have to do for now until I do this again with little missy :)

 Next up in DIY heaven is Boobsie's birthday Balooza.... My Kiddie Heaven Pinterest board was packed with inspirations including this too too cute tutu and got me in oui oui mama mia mode. 

 I used this pretty easy guide (Wiki at it again) »» How to make a No Sew Tutu and ended up with tada
She loved it!! and as a removable skirt she can be a tutu princess at all times! #WinWin I did discover that the hardest part was cutting the tulle but a pinterest tip suggests wrapping this around a bit of cardboard to make the cutting bit easier. I also discovered that many bits of thinner strips give you a fluffier look.

 Going full force, the next DIY project was a princess cake...wait for it.....nope not a cake with a princess' image on it, but a princess IN THE CAKE. Thanks to Pinterest again, this was the inspiration>> Princess cake inspiration and several missteps later (too runny frosting, too droopy cake, the brown layers dripping etc) I ended up with a volcano looking princess skirt. Even with my little dissatisfactions, little missy loved it and reinforces the essence of this entire post, children love and appreciate the effort. Indeed, I heard lots of "This is the best....." throughout the day :)
and lastly from the birthday was DIY princesses all around!! What's your fave disney princess? Chances are she was there for the party!!! Thanks to a fellow DIY mama, Aunty Natalie made us stand or sit on their own princesses. Lotsa disney templates, stock paper, gluing, waiting, re-gluing and voila! Perfect for a Princess Party
In the end, the best reward was "Mommy this is the best birthday ever" and that made all the effort truly worth it... So get on up, go web searching, You will be amazed at what you may find or even what you are capable of making. Our DIY vault also includes 1...2...3 Egg bakes that are super fun and easy to make; animal shaped jellos, fruit popsicles, paper bag puppets, sock puppets, bunny paper bag candy holders, hair bows and then some. Will you try some today? remember DIY projects provide a perfect oppurtunity to flex your creative muscles while bonding with the ones that grow up while you were busiest not being busy with them :) Are you a DIY Mama?! Share with us, we'll be happy to re-share.
 Cheers XO


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Rides galore, 
are you listening?
It's time for fun,
It'll be so thrilling!!
By Ranny Williams
December twenty one
Adventures in Jamaican wonderland

Have a try! sing that to the tune of Winter Wonderland and see just how exciting it sounds AND will be. Ladies and gentlemen, school's just about out and with the Christmas season on us, many are trying to find the perfect family space to have fun this holiday.. I present Wonderland!!

Make no mistake, the name is not just that-it reflects exactly what you can expect when you enter the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Saturday, December 21, 2013.

From rides galore, Games, costumed performers, Prizes and Surprises, consider this our Jamaican World of Wonder. Also throw in a Santa Village with a photo booth for the kids, an adult lounge for mommies and daddies complete with games and the Jencare Mobile Spa!-Talk about all inclusive!!

Yet it gets even better, With Wonderland being the brainchild of a team of 7 Jamaican men-Ron, Craig, Richard, Marc, Marlon, Andre [a] and Andre [b],  (6 of which are Jamaican daddies- you guess which 6 :-) the event is poised to encourage our dads to join the family in this Jamaican Wonderland. Indeed it is heartwarming and encouraging to see our very Livebeat Dads behind this family fun-tastic event!

Can this get any better?! of course it can! In support of Jamaica's rich cultural heritage, Wonderland will also feature performers drawn from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC's) competitions and these performances will further highlight and celebrate Jamaican Culture. This will all be pulled together with the hilarity of well known Jamaican comedian and host Elva. Ta dap tap ta dap.. we're definately loving this!!

And with family friendly sponsors such as Wata, Butterkist, Nestle, Bigga, Swizzle and the many others, we are wayy excited about the giveaways!

So what are you waiting for?! Pop on by Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre to get your tickets or purchase online via

Is there any speck of doubt in your mind about where you will be on December 21?! it's no WONDER.. it has to be at Wonderland!!!

Gates open at 3:00 p.m. and rides cost only $100-$200 or let your kids ride all day for a flat fee of J$1200 plus your family friendly source Jamaican Mommies will  be doing giveaways on Facebook and Twitter.. Also connect with Wonderland on Facebook  for continued updates on the event and for booth space or more information contact: 876 909-3964 or email

PS. Note the Twitter Hashtag #wonderlandjam who knows it may be your secret to a prize :)


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